Beyond the Stars

Beyond the Stars

Track informations

Composition: Sieudiver

Lyrics: Sieudiver

Vocals: Timo

Genres: Trance

Length: 04:52

Another sleepless night where I still dream.
Random thoughts running through my mind like a stream.
It’s hard to realize,
It’s my last time under these skies

Looking outside, the moon, the night both shine.
I wonder if my future will ever be as bright.
I’m ready to find out.
was probably ready all this time.

I’ve never been around the common way
Never tried or thought to jump into the fray
Like everyone else does.
Couldn’t find a worthy cause.

Checking the launching site, the equipment.
Today The sky is clear, and so is our intent.
A better life for you, better life for you, for me too.

Where functionality meets poetry
Fantasy translates into reality
And the dreams that you do,
They all really do come true

Far beyond the rainbow, the moon, and even the stars,
Lies our common destiny.
We will start all over again,
Without causing any scars.
Leading to a never-ending journey

Bye, so long
For that I’ll be gone
Far too long, I’ll never come back home