Beyond the Waves (feat. Maria & Timo)

Eden Island

Track informations

Arrangement: Sieudiver

Composition: 宇佐美宏

Lyrics: Sieudiver

Vocals: Maria and Timo

Genres: Trance

Length: 06:09

Original track: 砲雷撃戦、始め!

So you wish to get to the promise land.
For this you’ll have to reach beyond the waves,
I hope that you do understand.
Remember that you’ll have to be brave.
It won’t be easy nor will it be sad.
But there is just no other way.

Where did I heard those words, I know.

It’s in my dreams that I saw the light.
It’s in them I’ve foreseen,
How I’ll find my way to get to you,
Sail across the sea.
There is nothing that can stop me now.
I’ll just keep going on,
Till I’ll see the waves against the sand.
I won’t come undone.

Under the water I can still hear you.
Your call, guiding me through my way
Keeping me warm, even if sometimes I feel lost.
Words, bringing you to existence.
It is not just my imagination.
I can feel it all, I can feel it all.

If I must, I will take my time.
I just need to see my dream come alive.

From the dock,
Where this mission will end,
Another will start.
Riding the waves, I come,
The shore is in my sight
But the doubts fill my head,
Suddenly everything turns bright.

Is it the outcome I’ve been waiting for all this time?
Or is it just a new day ?
If I fail to fight for this quest of mine,
Then I’ll be gone forever.

It is not the time to mess around.
I need to go forward, no matter what difficulties come in my path.

Even if everything falls like the rain,
I will never say goodbye.
We may separate, we may meet again.
But I will not say goodbye.