Burst of Life

Fearless Desire

Track informations

Arrangement: Sieudiver

Composition: ZUN

Lyrics: Sieudiver

Vocals: Timo

Genres: Trance, Uplifting Trance

Original track: デザイアドライブ (Desire Drive)

When you’re caught in the dark
Day never comes
But you remain still inside, you’ve lost your mind
No desire, to live nor to die
You can’t decide
Wandering without a place to reside.

Maybe you’re scared today
But tomorrow’s on it’s way
It’ll reach out to you
But only if you allow it to
Say farewell to this place
You’ve stayed way too long.
I’ve been there you know,
So don’t be afraid..

Give yourself a second chance
Nothing to lose and everything to gain
Only one way to make this right again
Stand up and try just once to face the end..
Run just run towards the light.
Cause as you’ll get close, everything collapses
You’ll finally realize you can’t avoid
Being blown away by this burst of life.