The Sky is my Limit

The Great Escape

Track informations

Composition: Milkychan

Lyrics: Milkychan

Vocals: Milkychan

Genres: Trance

Length: 03:46

So many dreams have left my sky alone
All wishes have been shattered one by one
And even if my hope remains above
the weight of all these blows is always dragging me down

Waiting here
I’m looking for a brighter day
where colors wake to fight the grey

With every breath
I’m always taking one step ahead

I won’t stop to feel, nor I’ll give up
all my Hopes and Dreams, start the chase now!

Overflowing dreams will take my heart
The Sky is my Limit
And even if my voice will break apart
There’s always another Start
(Before it disappears)
(I’ll try to chase my dreams)
I’ll find a new Start
(If that’s all what remains)
(I’m taking this one chance)
Time for a new Start

Now, can you hear the words I say?
Now, can you see what it all meant to me?
Now, can you tell me what is left?
Now, can you feel what I have tried to give?