Fearless Desire

01.  Greetings Sieudiver

02.  Thirst Elle

03.  Blue Beauty Sieudiver feat. 0P2C

04.  Amrita Saga Rebelion

05.  Wander SoundElectron feat. れにゃた

06.  Night Drive Sieudiver feat. 0P2C

07.  Katabasis d3_crescentia

08.  Starshine Desire FS

09.  I'd Like Some Coffee Motitis

10.  Burst of Life Sieudiver feat. Timo

11.  Ethereal MAMA PURITY

12.  郷愁の仙女 ~ Nymph of Nostalgiaともきち

13.  A.C.I.D. HyperDrive Violet Delta

14.  Diving Deeper Milkychan

Staff :

Arrange :

Credits :

Original composition by ZUN (上海アリス幻樂団)
From the game 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires (Touhou Project)

Release date : 6th May 2018

Lyrics :
  • Amen (Track 3)
  • Electron (Track 5)
  • 0P2C (Track 6)
  • Sieudiver (Track 10)
  • Milkychan (Track 14)
Vocals : Artwork : Pasoputi
Mastering : Sieudiver
Design : Sieudiver
Produce : Sieudiver

About :

Sieudiver is about dreams, life, and death. But mostly about dreams.

I'm a composer, arranger, lyricist and producer from France. Alongside with my original work, I also make Touhou, Kancolle and other games arrangements. In 2015 I became a member of the German circle Norowareta Night (formerly called Last Dream) and made arranges for their album since then. My style varies almost every song I make. For now, I like to place my songs in the general category of "Electronic Music".

You can find me on Twitter, Youtube and Soundcloud